This past year, all sorts were postponed or outright cancelled, meaning there's been a lot we've had to give up. This January, we shouldn't have to give up yet another thing too. Instead, we should be heading into 2021 being a bit kinder to ourselves and with our best foot forward to properly leave 2020 behind.

To help brighten your January, we're letting you trade in your cancelled plans for a free can of Mike's through a partnership with GreenJinn.

Does that make up for 2020? Obviously not - but hey, it's a step in the right direction.


Enjoy your free Mike's in six simple steps

Step 1: Upload your 2020 Cancelled Tickets (from Glastonbury, to a stand-up comedy show or even just a movie at your local cinema)

Step 2: Receive your unique coupon link via email and download the GreenJinn app

Step 3: Check the coupon page on the app to find the nearest supermarket stocking Mike's and then buy a can in-store or in your shop

Step 4: Snap a picture of your receipt and easily upload on the GreenJinn app

Step 5: Get your cashback paid into your Bank Account or Paypal

Step 6: Enjoy your free Mike's hard Seltzer!


Mike's Hard Seltzer is simple.

Alcohol. Sparkling water. Real fruit flavour. 100 cals.

How about that.

Terms & Conditions

Customers will be eligible to claim a free can of Mike's Hard Seltzer in exchange for uploading a ticket for a cancelled event. Only valid in the U.K. for Mike's cans bought in Tesco, Morrisons and COOP. Max one claim per person. Coupons valid until 31/01/2021

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